ENGL 2291: U.S. Literature II : Getting Started

Find resources to help you get started on your research for U.S. Literature II.

What's in This Guide


Stephen Crane 
Stephen Crane






Welcome to the ENGL 2291 Research Guide!

This guide serves as a starting point for your research paper on Modern U.S. Literature. Use this guide to help you choose a topic, discover booksfind journal articles, and understand the difference between primary and secondary sources.

Suggested Authors

Below is a list to potential authors, and each links to a keyword search in the library's catalog. NOTE: If you are not finding enough results, be sure to repeat your search in OhioLINK where you can request an item be sent to the CSCC library!  Click an author's name to get started.


Relevant Websites

If you're still in a brainstorming stage and would like to browse for more ideas, try navigating some of the websites below:

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