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Download Designs

Thingiverse logo

Thingiverse First you create an account, then you can download files and customize designs as well as save designs and follow designers.

pinshape logo

Pinshape offers designs to download and print. Some sell their designs. Site also includes a blog and tutorials. Creating an account is optional.

MyMiniFactory logo

MyMiniFactory has many categories to explore free designs. While an account is not required to download, it will allow you to comment and share your prints.

Sketchfab logo

Sketchfab allows you to upload and download 3D designs. To download, you must create an account.

YouMagine logo

YouMagine is an online community where you can download over 10,000 3D designs. An account isn't required to download, but you have to have one to share your images and designs.

Spotlight: GrabCAD


GrabCAD logo

GrabCAD has a free CAD library with creations by engineers, manufacturers, and designers.

Museum 3D Objects

Some museums provide digital scans of their artifacts to download and 3D print:

Smithsonian Digitization 3D logo

Explore the Smithsonian's 3D digital models, including Lincoln's life masks and the Apollo 11 command module Columbia.

the British Museum logo

The British Museum uses Sketchfab to host 3D models of its artifacts to view in Virtual Reality or download for 3D printing. A Sketchfab account is required to download.

the Metropolitan Museum of Art logo
The Metropolitan Museum of Art uses Thingiverse to host digital scans of its artifacts.



AfricanFossils.org logo
AfricanFossils.org provides 3D models of fossils and artifacts from digs at Lake Turkana in East Africa. An account is required to download models.

Government Resources

NASA logo

NASA's 3D models that are free to download and include rovers, astronauts, and asteroids.

National Institute of Health 3D print exchange logo

The National Institutes of Health's 3D Print Exchange has models of molecules, bacteria, medical, and anatomical structures to download and print. See also the prosthetics, neuroscience, and heart library collections.

Spotlight: Shapeways

Shapeways logo

Want to have your design printed, but don't have a 3D printer? With Shapeways you can upload your design, select your desired material, and get a price to have it printed.

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