Civil Engineering and Surveying: Careers

This guide will direct you to resources in the field of surveying.

Certification & Licensure

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Ohio Board of Engineers and Surveyors - how to get or renew your license.

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Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio - how to become a surveyor or what to do if you're licensed in another state.

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Use O*Net Online to search for and learn about jobs. Get detailed job descriptions, discover the education, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for a job, and more.

Surveyor Career Profile

Surveying Technician Career Profile

Civil Engineer Profile

Civil Engineer Technologists and Technicians


Professional Organizations

The NSPS mission is to establish and further common interests, objectives, and political effort that will make the surveying profession a unified body in the U.S.
The PLSO promotes principles of surveying practice in Ohio that conform to recognized ethical codes.
Land surveyors and professional engineers in Ohio.
"Represents more than 150,000 members of the civil engineering profession in 177 countries. Founded in 1852, ASCE is the nation’s oldest engineering society."

Occupational Outlook for Surveying

a surveyer in a bright orange vest is shown from the back, uses equiptment on an dusty road

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Find out what the job outlook for the future is and more in the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.
*Surveying and Mapping Technician
*Civil Engineer
*Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians

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