Social Issues: Articles & Databases

A guide to exploring resources for social issues and current events.


Are you new to research databases? Review the Finding Articles section of The Research Process guide for an introduction and additional help. 

Print Periodicals

Many newspapers, magazines, and journals can be found on the Third Floor next to the Periodicals Desk, or you can browse a complete list of the library's print periodicals. Some recommended titles include:

Recommended Databases

The following four databases deal specifically with current events and social issues, and serve as an excellent starting point for your research. Although you may find your topic in one database, be sure to check additional databases for a more well-rounded perspective.

Electronic Journals

Below are just a handful of journals available at the library. There may be more specialized journals for your particular topic. Ask a librarian if you need help finding one.

Want more?
Try the Electronic Journal Center.

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