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Use this guide to locate books, research databases, and websites that focus on religion.

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What's in This Guide?

Use this guide to research religion, to cite sources, and to find research assistance.

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This guide can be useful for the following courses:

HUM 1270 - Comparative Religions
PHIL 2270 - Philosophy of Religion
ENGL - Any writing classes for which you are writing and conducting research on a topic related to religion

II Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Astana, Kazakhstan. September 13, 2006. Source: AP Images.

Jamarat Bridge near Mecca

The Jamarat Bridge in Mina, Saudia Arabia, where Muslim pilgrims perform the Stoning of the Devil ritual during the Hajj each year. The ritual involves throwing pebbles at one of the three elliptical pillars surrounded by the five story bridge structure. Image by Omar Chatriwala

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