ENGL 2266: Writing Poetry: Poetry Apps

Resources on poetry, craft, and publishing for students enrolled in ENGL 2266.

Mobile Poetry Sites

Click on the link below to access The Academy of American Poets' Poets.org mobile site:

Mobile Resources

For more information on mobile resources, such as library apps, check out the following Reserach Guide:

Mobile Sites vs. Apps

What is a mobile site?

Mobile sites are optimized to display content on the smaller screen size of a mobile device. These sites are typically streamlined versions of a main website for the purposes of increased usability and download speed on the mobile platform. Mobile sites can be accessed by any device that has a web browser available to it.

What is an app?

Native applications are programs built for a specific device. Therefore, an app that is available for an iPhone may not be available for an Android-based smartphone. An app must be downloaded and installed before it can be used. Because apps are designed to be used on a specific device, apps tend to function more smoothly and efficiently than a mobile site.

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