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Finding eBooks

You can search for history ebooks in the CSCC library catalog as well as the following databases:

ACLS Humanities E-Books

Electronic books in area studies, history, and other humanities.

Cambridge Core eBooks

Cambridge Core is the place to find valuable, useful and inspirational research and academic information. With over 1.6 million journal articles and 36,000+ books.

EBSCO eBook Collection

Electronic books (ebooks) with an imprint earlier than 2005 on many academic subjects. This collection was formerly known as NetLibrary.

Electronic Book Center

Thousands of scholarly and reference ebooks covering the humanities, sciences and social sciences.

Oxford Scholarship Online

The complete texts of important scholarly books from Oxford University Press.

Salem Press

Electronic books on topics such as literature, history, science, and psychology.

Very Short Introductions

Discover a new topic or subject with these intelligent and serious introductions written by authors who are experts in their field.


Catalog Search

CS Library

Use the Columbus State library catalog to search for books, journals, eBooks, and audio-visual materials owned by Columbus State Community College.

World History Subject Headings

While keyword searching is a good way to get introduced to a topic, searching by subject heading is a good way to find much more precise and on target information on a given topic. Below are some suggestions on world history subject headings to explore:

World History

History, Ancient

World History -- Encyclopedias

Below are a few more specific ways to search with subject headings ("Aztecs" is just an example; you can substitute other group names):

Aztecs -- History

Aztecs -- Social life and customs

Aztecs -- Antiquities

Aztecs -- Religion

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