MUS 1120: Introduction to Electronic Music: Books

Researching electronic, electroacoustic, or computer music? This guide is the place to start!

Introductory Texts

Electronic Music Pioneer: Brian Eno

Brian Eno and his cat, Angel, in the studio.

[Brian Eno and his cat, Angel, in the studio.]

Like Wendy Carlos (see the Getting Started tab), Eno, one of the inventors of ambient music, helped provide a link between the often-inaccessible work of the cloistered electronic avant-garde and the world of popular music.  Although famous as a producer and composer of popular works, Eno's achievements in experimental music (including early work with tape music) and ambient music have had lasting impact.  You can hear Eno's 2015 John Peel Music Lecture (or read the transcript) here.


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