MECH 1150: Manufacturing Materials & Processes Term Paper: Writing

This guide will assist students as they work on their term paper.

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Online Writing Center

Online Writing tutoring is available at Columbus State Community College through the NetTutor website. It is a free service to all students who need help at any stage of the writing process. Tutoring is offered in two ways. One way is asynchronous tutoring where students can submit essays at any time via Blackboard, and these essays will be read by a writing consultant who follows standard practices approved by the Columbus State English Faculty. Essays need to be submitted in pdf file format, and instructions are provided for how to do that. Based on needs outlined on the submission form, consultants provide feedback about the essays typically within 48 hours of the submission. Subsequently, a notification is sent when review comments regarding a submission are available.

Another way tutoring is provided is through synchronous tutoring, or an online, real-time web conference, where student and tutor are both at different computers but can chat with each other over an internet connection. In this way, they can both be looking at the paper together at the same time with the help of an interactive whiteboard tool.


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