Mathematics: Getting Started

This guide presents information resources for pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus courses at Columbus State Community College.

CSCC Mathematics Department Resources

y = mx + b
  • The CSCC Mathematics department website is a great resource for many questions and concerns you might have as a student. Among the useful information there:
    • a description of the MyMathlab software commonly used in CSCC Mathematics classes
    • a comprehensive tutoring page that explains the many options available to CSCC Math students, including peer tutoring, regional learning center hours and locations, and help via Blackboard
    • information about how to use a graphing calculator
    • a variety of web resources covering multiple topics
    • brief versions of the syllabi for all the Mathematics courses at CSCC (semester courses are listed below the old quarter courses)

What's in This Guide

This guide was developed to help you find library resources and websites in the field of Mathematics, including Developmental Math. Please select a category below to focus your search.

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proportional graph with arcsecant and arccosecant curve:

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Developmental Math

This guide will be useful for the following Developmental Education math courses:

Utilize the services of the Math Tutors if currently enrolled in one of the Developmental Mathematics courses.

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