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Library Journals

The Library's collection of electronic journals is extensive, with over 90 titles available.  Titles cover topics including advertising, creativity, public relations, sports marketing, and social marketing. 

Browse electronic marketing journals at the following link:

Electronic Marketing Journals

Journals Online

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Marketing Theory book cover

Marketing Theory

A fully peer reviewed specialized academic medium and main reference for the development and dissemination of alternative and critical perspectives on marketing theory. Marketing Theory publishes articles covering any aspect of theory, including strategy, consumer behaviour, new product development and more.


The Journal of Interactive Marketing cover

The Journal of Interactive Marketing

Serves as a catalyst for identifying issues and shaping ideas associated with the expanding electronic, interactive, and direct marketing environments. Focus on leading-edge, high-quality and original results, methodologies, theories, concepts, models and applications on any aspect of interactive marketing.


Journal of Consumer Marketing cover

Journal of Consumer Marketing

Written by practitioners, consultants and marketing academics and is edited for marketers who desire further insight into how people behave as consumers worldwide. Consumption is a key element of much of human behavior. Understanding consumer behavior is the key to creating effective marketing strategies. 


Psychology & Marketing journal coverPsychology & Marketing (P&M)

Publishes original research and review articles dealing with the application of psychological theories and techniques to marketing.

The Database Doesn't Have Full Text for My Article. Now What?

During your search, you may encounter times when the full text (PDF or HTML) of an article is not available in the database.  Follow these steps to see how you may locate an electronic or print version of your article:

  1. If PDF Full Text and HTML Full Text are unavailable, click on the Yellow text button that says "Find it!" button in certain databases to locate print copies in Columbus State's library or electronic copies in another database, such as the Electronic Journal Center.
  2. If you know the name of the journal in which the article appears, search the Electronic Journal Finder to see if the journal is available online in one of the research databases.
  3. If the article is not available at Columbus State's library or electronically through the research databases, search the OhioLINK catalog for print holdings at nearby college or university libraries. 

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