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What is a Blog?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary to blog is "To write or maintain a weblog. Also: to read or browse through weblogs, esp. habitually." 

Blog is the shortened form of the word "weblog."

  • Some blogs are essentially online personal journals written by one person. Some blogs are contributed to by multiple writers and may focus on a specific topic. Always keep in mind that what is written on a blog is likely the opinion or personal experience of the person writing it, unless they have cited outside sources.
  • It is also important to note that some blogs may have been very active for a time, but the creator, or blogger, may have, for any number of reasons, decided to discontinue creating new blog posts. For this reason, check the date the blog post was created to determine if the information is current enough to be relevant to you.  

Take a look at some of these blogs to learn about issues in Criminal Justice from varied perspectives. 

Reading blogs can help you learn more about the field as well as keep you up to date on important trends and issues.

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