Rebellion and Conformity in American Literature: Getting Started

Most American literature is filled with characters that either conform or rebel. Here are some tips to finding American literature about conformity and/or rebellion.

What's in this Guide?

This guide provides links and advice for using:

American Literature research databases 

Articles and Journals 

Books and e-Books

for doing research on  Rebellion & Conformity in American Literature

It is always a good idea to create a list of synonyms before beginning a search. 

If the terms conformity and rebellion do not yield satisfactory results, try using the following keywords:

  • american protest novel
  • civil disobedience
  • social protest
  • counterculture
  • revolution OR revolt
  • insurrection
  • customs and traditions
  • social protest literature

Try using any of these keywords in combination with the keywords American Literature. For example: civil disobedience AND American Literature.

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