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This COLS resources, video lesson, and quiz on lateral reading.

Library instruction

Library instruction can be delivered in person at any location or virtually in a variety of formats. Instruction can last from 15-20 minutes to a full hour. 

COLS Library Instruction can focus on:

  • A general library overview
  • Evaluating Information
  • Basic research
  • A library activity such as a Kahoot or Library Jeopardy!

Request in person or virtual librarian assistance at any time by sending an email to: We are happy to design an instruction session customized to the needs of your students!

What happened to the CRAAP test?

We are no longer promoting the use of the CRAAP test to evaluate information. Checklist-based evaluation tools have been shown through research to be less effective than lateral reading. Opening multiple tabs and searching for independent information has been established as a better strategy in determining the reliability and perspective of a site and its authors or sponsors.

Further Reading:
Jennifer Fielding, "Rethinking CRAAP," College & Research Libraries News (Vol 80, No 11, 2019)

Sam Wineburg and Sarah McGrew, “Lateral Reading: Reading Less and Learning More When Evaluating Digital Information,” Stanford History Education Group-Working Paper (September 2017),

Lateral Reading Video

Why Use Lateral Reading?

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