ENGL 2367: Fairy Tales: Adult and Young Adult Books

Find primary and secondary sources on fairy tales.

Spotlight: Angela Carter (Print Book)

Check out Angela Carter's feminist and darkly erotic retellings of popular fairy tales, such as "Bluebeard" and "Red Riding Hood."

Little Red Riding Hood (Print Books)

These anthologies connect you to different versions of the Red Riding Hood tale:

Fairy Tales Anthologies (Print Books)

Anthologies are useful because they publish fairy tales in one place and may showcase different versions of the same story. Here are some anthologies available at the Library, Learning Center, or OhioLINK:

Cinderella Novels (Print Books)

A Modern Bluebeard Tale (Print Book)

SurLaLune lists a number of modern tales based on "Bluebeard," such as Margaret Atwood's "Bluebeard's Egg."

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