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an introduction to resources for learning the German language at Columbus State.

Free Courses

Web Dictionaries

Transparent Language

You can learn a foreign language at home at your own pace, completely on the web, using Transparent Language Transparent Language offers multiple lesson plans and over 100 languages to choose from.

Language Apps

Below are a list of interactive language learning apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet.  This list only contains FREE apps. 

Memrise is an app that uses a unique memorization technique to learn a language. It is available for iOS and Android

Mindsnacks is an app that teaches you German grammar and vocabularly through playing various games. This app is available for iOS only. 

Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Learn a foreign language at home using Mango Languages. Click the Start Learning button to try it out, or create a Mango profile to track your progress.  Mango is available through the Columbus Metropolitan Library

*Columbus Metropolitan Library card required*

Word of the Day

Verb Conjugator

Verbix can help you with those tricky verb conjugations. Use their online tool to conjugate German verbs.

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