Faculty Services: Art Gallery

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Art Exhibit Schedule for 2023
January: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins
February: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins
March: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coins 2nd & 3rd, Jasmine Wooten, Women's Herstory Month 1st
April: Professor Timothy Davis, Rare Coin Collection
May: Peter Morgan's Art Students
June: Peter Morgan's Art Students
July: Peter Morgan's Art Students
August: Jade Nelson's Art 1st & 3rd Floor
September: Art Possible Ohio
October: Sarah Pagliaro's Art 2nd Floor
November: Elena Osterwalder 1st Floor, Ash Thomas's Art 2nd Floor, Larry W 3rd Floor
December: Peter Morgan's Student Art

Current Art in the Library

Elena Osterwalder's Art (1st Floor)

Ash Thomas's Art (2nd Floor)

Larry W's Art (3rd Floor)

Elena Osterwalder's Art (1st Floor)

died textile reddish hue
died textile reddish hue lined pattern
vibrant died textile reddish hue
vibrant lined died textile reddish hue
shadowed died textile reddish hue
died purple textile reddish hue

Ash Thomas's Art (2nd Floor)

illustration with ghosts and an individual
figure kneeling in flowers
anamorphus crow blue
anamorphus house blue
hand with flowers illustration
house illustration with alien elements
fiery cowboy

Larry W Dillen's Art (3rd floor)

folk art ceramic
folk art ceramic
folk art ceramic
folk art ceramic
folk art ceramic

Want to Exhibit Your Artwork in the Library?

Are you an artist in the Columbus, Ohio area?

 Are you interested in exhibiting your artwork in Columbus State's Library?

For more information, contact Mira Scarnecchia

phone: (614) 287-2460
email: mscarnecchia@cscc.edu 


oil paint tubes small


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