PSY 2530: Psychology of Personality: Psychologists & Theories


Sigmund Freud & Psychoanalysis

Melanie Klein & Object Relations Theory

Carl Jung & Analytical Psychology

Carl Rogers & Person-Centered Theory

Erik Erikson & Post-Freudian Theory

Rollo May & Existential Psychology

B. F. Skinner & Behavioral Analysis

Erich Fromm & Humanistic Psychoanalysis

Karen Horney & Psychoanalytical Social Theory

Eysenck, McCrae & Costa's Trait and Factor Theories

Albert Bandura & Social Cognitive Theory

George Kelly & Psychology of Personal Constructs

Alfred Adler & Individual Psychology

Abraham Maslow & Holistic-Dynamic theory

Gordon Allport & Psychology of the Individual

Rotter & Mischel & Cognitive Social Learning Theory

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