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Henry Cade, Jr., Artist

Henry Cade, Jr., Artist

Henry Cade, Jr. is a mixed media artist.  He began creating art at the age of three, as a way of staying out of the way, while his grandmother made quilts and delivered babies as a midwife.

His work includes, oils and acrylic paintings, and sculptures.

Henry is a graduate of East High School in Columbus, Ohio. He attended Washington School of the Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota; U.S. Army Art School at Fort Meade, Maryland; Columbus College of Arts and Design and Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio. 

Born, January 14, 1947, in Selma, Alabama, he now resides in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife and a chocolate cocker spaniel, Koko.

Contact the artist, Henry Cade, Jr.

CADE Art Studio
1444 Walshire Dr. N.
Columbus, Ohio 43232
Phone: 614-759-4099

Mrs. Ursel White Lewis and Henry Cade Jr. 1981

UWL and Henry Cade Jr

Photograph used with permission of Mr. Kojo Kamau, photographer.


Artist's Works in the Columbus State Collection

Black and white illustration of Mt. Vernon street

Artist: Henry Cade, Jr.
Origin: American, born 1947
Title: “Mt. Vernon Avenue Series, 1986”
Description of work:  Pencil Drawing, 29 ½” x 37 ½”
Date: 1986
Donor: Gift of Mrs. Ursel White Lewis

 Vase of flowers by Henry Cade, Jr.

Artist: Henry Cade, Jr.
Origin: American, born 1947
Title: “Untitled”
Description of work:  Painting of stylized flowers, Acrylic?, 29 1/8" x 23 1/2"
Date: 1978
Donor: Gift of Mrs. Ursel White Lewis

UWL by Henry Cade II

Artist: Henry Cade Jr.
Origin: American, Twentieth Century
Title: Portrait of Ursel White Lewis
Description of work: A large portrait in charcoal? or black crayon? on canvas. 50” x 41”
Date: July, 1990
Donor: Gift of Mr. Howard W. Lewis

February 2020 Exhibit - Henry Cade, Jr.

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