Bigfoot Hunting: Websites and More

This guide is designed to help the fourth graders at Woodward Elementary learn about good research techniques.

Are There Search Engines for Kids?

What are Research Databases?

EBSCO apps on a phone

Most college students use research databases to find good sources. A research database is an online place where you can search for articles from trustworthy sources.

Some research databases even have e-books!

Students can even use their smartphones or tablets to access databases and do research.

Information from the Internet

Because there's so much info on the internet it's super important to use the 5W's test to decide if websites are trustworthy.

To help you decide is website is authoritative, look at web address endings:

.gov (Government): Official info from/about the U.S government. Example:
.edu (Educational Institution): Purpose is to educate/provide info about a college, university, or school. Example:
.org (Organization): A non-profit organization.May or may not promote a point of view. Example:
.com (Commercial): Purpose is to sell goods/services, or to provide information about a company. Example:
.net (Network): Often includes personal web pages or community websites. Example:

North American Wood Ape Conservancy

logo for the North American Wood Ape Conservancy

Bigfoot is also known as Wood Ape. Check out the NAWAC for sightings, reports and more!

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

logo for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization is one of the oldest group of researchers and journalists interested in hunting Bigfoot.

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