Banned Books: Banned Books Week 2022

Resources on banned/challenged books and intellectual freedom.
An outdoor table with a blue Library-logo drape, covered in free swag and several popular banned books.

Our table in the Columbus Courtyard gave us the chance to discuss book bans with our students.

Dana checking out a book at the outdoor table.

Students could check out banned books right at our table in the Columbus Courtyard!

Closeup of a small pile of buttons with the text

The Library gave out themed buttons, bookmarks, and other Banned Books Week swag.

Square tabletop Banned Books Week book display.

The Delaware Learning Center celebrated Banned Books Week with freebies and a great display.

A display of banned books, bookmarks, and buttons on a blue-draped table bearing the Columbus State Library logo.

Our Circulation department's display featured information about the year's most-banned books.

A set of small signs on a glass wall. The signs discuss frequently-banned books.

Some details from our Circulation department's Banned Books Week display.

Book display with signage indicating that it's for Banned Books Week.

Both new and classic banned books were featured on the Library's 2nd floor display.

Closeup of a library book display showing the book All Boys Aren't Blue.

Another pic of our 2nd floor display.

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