Anatomy Models: Columbus Campus Library Models

This guide showcases the anatomy models available at the Library (Columbus) and Learning Center (Delaware).

Check Them Out!

The anatomy models below are available for 2-hour checkout from the Columbus campus Library (Columbus Hall).  You must have a Cougar ID or state-issued photo ID to check out the models at Circulation (first floor). Please call the Library at 614-287-2465 for more information.

Bone Boxes

We have not one, but two bone boxes available for students!  How did we get so many bones?  Best not to ask!

Human Heart

Pumpy Bill may not be able to explain the metaphorical mysteries of the human heart, but he can certainly help students learn about its mechanics.

Skin Cross-Section

This one's a little creepy.  Let's move on.


Female Reproductive System

That's right: rubber bands.  You get taken apart by hundreds of inexpert hands every semester and see if you don't need help pulling yourself together!

Human Torso

Torso Joe never understood why his television career didn't pan out.  Now he's found new meaning in his life by helping Columbus State students learn the ins and outs of human anatomy!

Human Spinal Column

Model of a human spinal column

Columbus State librarians have backbone!


Human Eye

As you can see, our human eye model leaves nothing to the student's imagination!

Male Reproductive System

Repro Jim is a hardworking anatomical model who just wants to be treated with the dignity he deserves.

Ventricular System of the Human Brain & Fetal Skull

Despite their differences, these two are inseparable.

Human Head

As you can see, Skinless Bob is not only alert to basic safety concerns, but, like any good Ohioan, is a massive Devo fan.

Spine Cross-Section

Look, we've all got a job in life.  It doesn't mean it's gonna be glamorous.  Sometimes being a spine cross-section is the very best a person can do, you know?

Digestive System

Our model of the human digestive system explicates even the most obscure destinations for all we consume.

Muscular System

Although he's never appeared on the front of a Wheaties box, Captain America here knows where it's at when it comes to muscles.

Pelvis Models


Model of a pelvis bone

Though we don't own Elvis's pelvis, we can let you borrow this one.


Model of a kidneys and vascular supply

When asked if she had any inspiring messages for our students, the kidney model replied only, "Drink water.Lots and lots and lots of water."

Human Brain

I never realized it was so small.  A lot of things make sense now.

Human Hand

A human hand showing skin, tendons, ligaments, bone

Greetings!  I come in peace.  Or pieces...

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