Aliens and UFO's: Welcome!


Welcome Woodward Students! We are so happy to have you at Columbus State!

What is Astrobiology?

Credit: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

Humans have long wondered about the presence of life in our solar system. Astrobiology tries to find the answer to this mystery by studying the origin, evolution, location, and future of life in the universe.

Search for Aliens with the Librarians

Librarians will lead Woodward Elementary 4th graders on a quest to decide if aliens are real! We'll work through this question by learning how to tell good from bad information sources.

Do Aliens and UFOs Exist?

Do Aliens and UFOs Really Exist?
Yes: 20 votes (68.97%)
No: 3 votes (10.34%)
Maybe: 6 votes (20.69%)
Total Votes: 29

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