Delaware Day: Delaware Campus Student Clubs

Discover fun and interactive activities for students on April 19th & 20th 2022

Delaware's Tabletop Gaming Club

If you like DND, RPG's, card games, and/or Warhammer then the Tabletop Gaming Club is the club for you! The club supports fun events like the Boo Bash and of course, Delaware Days. The club meets in-person and virtually for campaigns. This is a close-knit community who use Discord and Roll 20 in virtual session. There's plenty of opportunities for new GM's and DM's. All are welcome! Contact club advisers Lawrence James or Kristine Kinzer for more information.


A Selection of Clubs Based at the Columbus Campus

While we are highlighting Delaware-based clubs here, we want you know that there are also many clubs that are based on the Columbus Campus as well. Below is a sampling of the Columbus clubs.

Delaware's Humanities Club

This club is a place where Delaware Campus students can connect with students and faculty interested in the Humanities. The Delaware Campus Humanities Club has monthly in-person meetings where they discuss various aspects of the Humanities, plan events, speakers, workshops, and trips. This club supports fun events like Constitution Day and Delaware Days. The club also uses Discord to meet occasionally to do Jackbox and movie nights. All are welcome! Contact club adviser Professor Gwynne Dilbeck or Professor Ben Pugno for more information.

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