Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: AAPI eBooks Available Through CSCC

A guide created in 2023 to showcase resources related to Asian American Heritage Month

AAPI eBooks Available Through CSCC

This section includes a sampling of Asian American and Pacific Islander eBooks available from Columbus State Library. When accessing eBooks off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your CSCC username and password. 

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AAPI Culture eBooks

Drumming Asian America

Based on original and archival interviews, as well as the author's extensive experience as a taiko player, this book highlights the Midwest as a site for Asian American cultural production and makes embodied experience central to inquiries about identity, including race, gender, and sexuality.

Choreographing Asian America

Poised at the intersection of Asian American studies and dance studies, Choreographing Asian America is the first book-length examination of the role of Orientalist discourse in shaping Asian Americanist entanglements with U.S. modern dance history.

Desis in the House

New York City, long the destination for immigrants and migrants, today is home to the largest Indian American population in the United States. Coming of age in a city remarkable for its diversity and cultural innovation, Indian American and other South Asian youth draw on their ethnic traditions and the city's resources to create a vibrant subculture.

AAPI History eBooks

Asian American History

This title provides a narrative interpretation of key themes that emerge in the history of Asian migrations to North America, highlighting how Asian immigration has shaped the evolution of ideological and legal interpretations of America as a 'nation of immigrants.

American History Unbound

Gary Y. Okihiro positions Asians and Pacific Islanders within a larger history of people of color in the United States and places the United States in the context of world history and oceanic worlds.

Asian American Spies

A recovery of the vital role Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Americans played in US intelligence services in Asia during World War II.

AAPI Fiction eBooks


After her mother died, poet Victoria Chang refused to write elegies. Rather, she distilled her grief during a feverish two weeks by writing scores of poetic obituaries for all she lost in the world.

Phoenix Eyes and Other Stories

Russell Charles Leong shows an astonishing range in this new collection of stories. From struggling war refugees to monks, intellectuals to sex workers, his characters are both linked and separated by their experiences as modern Asians and Asian Americans.

Inscrutable Belongings

Inscrutable Belongings brings together formalist and contextual modes of critique to consider narrative strategies that emerge in queer Asian North American literature.

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