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Randy Jones' Welcome


Whoever you may be reading my poems and viewing my pictures I want to thank you, and hope that you will be pleased and find something worth learning and considering.  Much of this new art was created when my life partner, Wilbur T. was diagnosed with lung cancer, ultimately passing away in February of this year after a lengthy nursing center stay.  My work covers a range of topics: love, loss, art, memories and finally, hope.  Perhaps, you too may find a bit of yourself here.

With much love and gratitude,

Randy J.
September 3, 2018

Randy Jones Biographical Sketch

The Artist: I was born [December 14, 1958] and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and I've been making art all of my life.  After receiving a B.F.A. from the Columbus College of Art & Design, I worked for a number of years as an advertising artist.  As a fine artist, I've chaired and organized "A Digital Salon" in Columbus, participated in the Collectors Gallery at the Columbus Museum of Art, NewCAT in Cleveland, an art auction, several private galleries, a card shop, and four solo exhibits at a library.  After many years developing my own digital art style on a Macintosh computer and coming up with a name for myself (Digital Dream Studios), I'm currently seeking the best market for my work - whether through continued gallery representation or publishing.

The Artwork: I begin with my Macintosh computer and scanner. From there, I scan bits of cloth, patterns, and small objects such as leaves or pieces of fruit (by lifting up the scanner lid and putting the objects under a shoe box on top of the glass). Once scanned into a program called "Photoshop", I fine tune the textures and colors and sometimes make "clipping paths" to export into two 3d programs, "Carrara, Bryce and Vue". There 3d models are created and scans are used as texture maps, and extruded objects.  Finally, after the 3D scenes are rendered, they're brought back into "Photoshop and Painter", tweaked, and printed from an archival Epson photo printer.

Themes in my art are still-life and landscape - exploring texture, shape, light, shadow and reflections.

For more information:

Randy Jones
Digital Dream Studios
2643 Zollinger Road, #B
Columbus, Ohio 43221

(614) 486-3152



Randy Jones Artist Statement

My digital paintings reflect what I respond to.  There is joy in the arrangement of design elements and colors within a composition. And there is beauty of varied shape and form.  Familiar, comfortable objects like fruit or books express the fragility of the moment, but also become something eternal and timeless frozen forever in the picture. "Durability," and symbolism.  Things I respond to - all objects have significance.  Personal and profound symbols.  The more we look, the more we see.  Most importantly we see that transient beauty can become transformed consciously and subconsciously.  It is awareness of response: what do objects on a shelf become for us? Symbols, memories, expressions, feelings.  Together with the highest level of my ability the still-life objects in my paintings make my work meaningful.  Most o all, my work is therapy for me and an essential part of my recovery.

Randy Jones received a B.F.A. from the Columbus College of Art & Design in 1982. He has participated in several galleries locally in Ohio, and his work was shown by Eovia inc at the Apple Computer Expo in Paris, France.  He has been a digital artist for twenty-five years.


Digital Dreams by Randy Jones

Cover of Digital Dreams collection volumes by Randy Jones

On September 5th, 2018, Randy Jones donated 2 bound volumes of this special collection called "Digital Dreams"
to Columbus State Library's art collection.

In the photograph above, the volume on the left contains a collection Randy Jones' poetry.

The volume on the right contains detailed information about  Randy Jones and includes color reproductions of digital photographs he's created.


Digital Dreams Artwork

Digital Dreams Poems by Randy Jones

These PDF files are from Randy J.

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