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Information about Steven Weitzman

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Information about the Elijah Pierce Statue and the Sculptor

Maquette of Elijah Pierce statue by Steven Weitzman

Artist's Work in the Columbus State Collection

Artist: Steven Weitzman of Weitzman Studios, Inc. in Brentwood, Maryland did the bronze statue of Elijah Pierce on the NE corner of Long and Washington in 2000.

Origin: American, born 1952.

Title: “Elijah Pierce”

Description of work: This piece looks like a clay or plaster maquette of the bronze sculpture on Long Street. Date: [1999-2000?]

Donor: Donated by Columbus State Community College.

Elijah Pierce Statue

Elijah Pierce Statue


This statue of Elijah Pierce, created by Steven Weitzman, was unveiled Nov. 9, 2000.Photographs by Kim Leggett

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