College Credit Plus: A Guide to Librarian and Instructor Resources: Using and Citing Information

A collection of instructional resources for high school librarians and CCP instructors for use in school-based CCP courses

Citation and Formatting Resources

The library provides handouts, online guides, and videos on MLA and APA formatting. Use these resources in the classroom or as reference material to use from home. 

MLA Tutorial Videos

MLA Citation Handouts

MLA Guide

The library's MLA Citations guide offers an extensive array of example MLA 8 citations for different source types, both in print and online, as well as embedded tutorial videos and links to the official MLA website. 

APA Tutorial Videos

APA Citation Handouts

APA Guide

The APA Citations guide offers examples of APA formatting and citations for different types of sources, similarly to the MLA guide. It also features a page on citing legal and government documents. 

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