Theatre: Find Books

This guide will help you find library and online resources useful in researching and writing about all aspects of theatre from performance to production to dramatic literature.

Where to Find Theater Books in the Library

The main campus library shelves books by the Dewey Decimal system. Most of the theater books are located within the 800's call number range. Below are selected places to browse for theater and drama books.

812 American drama in English

822 English drama

872 Latin dramatic poetry & drama

882 Classical Greek dramatic poetry & drama

Theater Subject Headings

While keyword searching is a good way to get introduced to a topic, searching by subject heading is a good way to find much more precise and on target information on a given topic. Below are some suggestions on theatre subject headings to explore:



Dramatic Criticism


Theater--Stage Setting and Scenery


E-Book Databases

Need Help Searching?

Refer to the following Library Quick Guide for help on searching the library catalog:

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