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Leroy Almon Sr. and Elijah Pierce 1982

Leroy Almon, Sr. and Elijah Pierce 1982. Photograph used courtesy of Kojo Kamau, photographer.

Leroy Almon, Sr. resided in Tallapoosa, GA, as a radio dispatcher for the Tallapoosa Police Department.

An apprentice to the late Elijah Pierce in 1980, Leroy attended Ohio Central High in Cincinnati and Kentucky State College for two years.

Almon's folk art is sometimes called primitive, because he works only with a knife and chisel. His first pieces were biblical. With practice he learned to carve well-known personalities, who are immediately recognizable. His subject matter are his thoughts, experiences, and things he has seen.

A bronze medal for his "outstanding contribution to art" was given to him. Mr. Almon has exhibited in Kansas City, MO, Winston-Salem, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

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Artist's Works in the Columbus State Collection

Artist:  Leroy Almon, Sr
Origin: American, 1938-1997
Title: "Untitled"
Description of work:  a painted wood bird-like creature less than 1’ tall.
Date: 1980
Donor: Gift of Mrs. Ursel White Lewis

Artist: Leroy Almon, Sr.
Origin: American, 1938-1997
Title: "Untitled"
Description of work: Octagonal painted wood carving in the form of a bowl. This bowl is displayed above.
Date: 1980
Donor: Gift of Mrs. Ursel White Lewis

Leroy Almon, Sr.'s Bird

Carbed and painted bird

Leroy Almon Sr.'s Untitled Bird, One Side

Carved bird frontal view

Leroy Almon Sr.s Untitled Carved and Painted Bird, Frontal View

image of carved and painted bird - other side

Leroy Almon Sr.'s Untitled Carved and Painted Brd, Other Side

Sides of Octagonal Bowl by Leroy Almon, Sr.

image of side of bowl
image of bowl side
image bowl side
image bowl side
image bowl side
image of bowl side

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