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Barbara Thomas' Artist Statement

Barbara Thomas’ Artist Statement


 Hello.  I came from a family of 14 children and have sewn since the 8th grade.  My first project I sewed was making a hand-made bib and my grandmother encouraged and inspired me to continue. That was all the encouragement I needed and have since spent much of my life with a thimble on my finger. In the 1940s, times were tough and I had to make my own clothes... but patterns made no sense to me.  I’ve always made things "freestyle."  I had to make my own clothes... and began painting pictures on canvases.  I love soft and warm colors and I love to paint clouds, birds, buildings, anything that interests me.   I study before I paint them.  I work in acrylics, watercolor, and sometimes in oil.


I have been making dolls for years and continue to make them.  I still have a large collection of dolls and teddy bears.  I donated my dolls to the Columbus Museum of Art.  The theme was called “can you put a price on life?” I had a show at Fort Hayes center. I also received a certificate of appreciation from Kojo Kamau. Several pieces of my art work were donated to St. Stephens. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.


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Artist's Work in the Columbus State Collection

Barbara Thomas' "A Flower Setting"

Artist: Barbara Thomas (Mother of Vivian Pitman)
Origin: American – Twentieth Century
Title: “A Flower Setting"
Description of work: painting of flowers, 29 ½” x 23 ¾”
Date: 2007
Donor: Donated by the artist

Barbara Thomas with her Daughter Vivian Pitman

Barbara Thomas and her daughter Vivian Pitman

Photograph of Barbara Thomas (left) and her daughter, Vivian Pitman (right)

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