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This guide will help introduce users to important artists, events, and concepts in contemporary art and music.

The Database Doesn't Have Full Text for My Article. Now What?

During your search, you may encounter times when the full text (PDF or HTML) of an article is not available in the database.  Follow these steps to see how you may locate an electronic or print version of your article:

  1. If PDF and HTML full text are unavailable, click Full Text Finderin certain databases to locate print copies in Columbus State's library or electronic copies in another database, such as the Electronic Journal Center.
  2. If you know the name of the journal in which the article appears, search the eResource Lookup to see if the journal is available online in one of the research databases.
  3. If the article is not available at Columbus State's library or electronically through the research databases, search the OhioLINK catalog for print holdings at nearby college or university libraries. 

Visionaries: Jenny Holzer

Projection by Jenny Holzer, 2003, in Brakel.  Reads: "Labor is a life-destroying activity/ Lack of charisma can be fatal/ Leisure time is a gigantic smoke screen."

[Projection by Jenny Holzer, 2003, in Brakel.  Reads: "Labor is a life-destroying activity/ Lack of charisma can be fatal/ Leisure time is a gigantic smoke screen."]


Jenny Holzer is known for her Truisms and other written pieces, usually short, absolute statements delivered in a public space without further context.  As a collective whole, the statements are contradictory, and seem to both explode and uphold mainstream society's dominant ideology, leading one to wonder who is "speaking" each statement and why.  Holzer's statements have been used on t-shirts, printed on flyers, emblazoned on scrolling LED displays, graven in stone, tattooed on human flesh, and projected in enormous letters of light on public architecture or open landscapes.  Fittingly, they also appear on Twitter.

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