NURS: Searching for Evidence-Based Literature: EBN Introduction

Use this guide to locate evidence-based medicine articles in CINAHL, Medline, and PubMed medical databases.

This guide focuses on the ASK - ACQUIRE - APPRAISE steps of the Evidence-Based Nursing Process, by using this guide you will learn how to: 

  • Identify the 5 steps of the Evidence-Based Nursing Process.
  • Develop a clearly defined question and translate the question into a search strategy. (ASK)
  • Conduct a search based on the question and filter through results to locate best clinical evidence. (ACQUIRE)
  • Interpret articles for quality and strength in regards to their validity, potential bias, impact, and usefulness. (APPRAISE)
  • Evaluate chosen articles for appropriateness in relation to clinical situation and patient needs. (APPRAISE)

Evidence-Based Nursing is “a way of providing nursing care that is guided by the integration of the best available scientific knowledge with nursing expertise. This approach requires nurses to critically assess relevant scientific data or research evidence, and to implement high-quality interventions for their nursing practice.” – NLM MeSH 

There are 5 key steps to integrating and implementing evidence-based practice into nursing care: 
ASK: form a question using P-I-C-O
ACQUIRE: search for the best clinical evidence
APPRAISE: evaluate and review the evidence
APPLY: integrate the evidence with clinical expertise and patient preferences
ASSESS: evaluate the outcomes of the practice decisions or changes based on evidence 
These 5 A's are known as the Evidence-Based Nursing Process
The Evidence-Based Nursing Process Cycle: Ask - Acquire - Appraise - Apply - Assess

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