Statistics to Support Research: Foundations & More

How to find, evaluate, and write about statistics in your research

Foundations, Organizations, Think Tanks, and Policy Institutes

Foundations,  policy institutes, and other organizations are often sources of polls, surveys, studies, and reports.  Be aware of bias.  Here are some non-partisan sources: 

The Annenberg Public Policy Center - Media and the press, and their influence in society and politics.              

Council on Foreign Relations - Pre-eminent resource for all sides of policy and opinion on foreign affairs. 

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - Health care and health policy.       

Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. - Research on health, labor, welfare, education, and nutrition.             

National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education - Research on the current state of higher education.  Discover how Ohio is doing.

Pew Charitable Trusts - Look under "Topics."

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life -  "No matter our politics, we cannot escape our beliefs." This site examines the meaning of that idea.

Public Agenda - Public opinion research and issue guides.

The Urban Institute - Issues related to low-income and minority Americans.

Woodrow Wilson Center - Current and enduring public issues.  You can locate articles in their publication, Wilson Quarterly.  Type it's name and search to see where it is available in full-text inthe library's databases.

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