EBSCO eBooks Collection: EBSCO eBooks Basics

This guide provides general information about the EBSCO eBooks Collection, My EBSCOhost, and transferring ebooks to a mobile device.

Key Features

Here are a few of the features that will simplify your search!

  • Search by keyword
  • Browse by category
  • Search within a book
  • Use the embedded dictionary
  • Use the citation generator
  • Email book chapters

Searching for E-books

Add Notes to E-books

You can take notes on e-books and save them to your My EBSCOhost folder for later viewing. Here's how:

  1. From the page of the e-book on which you would like to leave a note, click on the Notes icon Notein the toolbar.
  2. Click the + New Note button that appears in the Notes area. If there are existing notes, they appear in a list in the Notes area. Click the Sign In link to save your note to your My EBSCOhost folder account.
  3. Enter your note and click the Save button. You can adjust how the text appears in your note using the Bold, Italics, and Underline buttons above the text field. Your saved note will appear in the Notes list.
  4. Click the X in the upper-left corner to close the Notes area.

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