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How to choose films by theme/subject, find movie reviews, and explore film criticism by director, film, genre, and more.

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These are only a few examples of the dozens of film-related books and documentaries from the Columbus State and OhioLINK catalogs.

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Original movie poster for "King Kong (1933)"

[Original poster for King Kong (1933).]

Do you want information on a specific film, an individual director's body of work, or a genre?  Explore the tips and suggestions on this page.

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The Electronic Journal Center is home to a vast collection of academic journals, including a great selection of journals pertaining to the humanities.  You can reach it via our database list, or simply click the name of the database, above.

Try putting quotation marks around names or known concepts ("Fritz Lang," "film noir") to help the database understand your search:



Most items in the Electronic Journal Center are full text.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact a reference librarian!

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Thanks to keyword searching, finding information about a specific movie, director, actor, or genre couldn't be simpler!  Enter the person's last name (or the film genre) in the search box, make sure the search type is set to "Keyword," and hit Go!  This search will find information about a person, as well as work they have done.


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