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How to choose films by theme/subject, find movie reviews, and explore film criticism by director, film, genre, and more.

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These books will help you learn more about movies and film theory.  They represent only a small fraction of what we have to offer--please search our catalog, or ask a reference librarian for more information!

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Poster for "The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)"

[Original poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).]

Interested in the ways filmmakers explore social issues?  Intrigued by the play of light and shadow in a good film noir?  Inspired by the passionate, erudite writing of our best film critics?  Really like great movies?  The resources on this page can give you ideas for exploring the vast range of films and film scholarship.

Web Resources

The internet abounds with commentary about movies.  Here's a few hand-picked resources to get you started.

Films Selected to the National Film Registry: 500+ films and counting, this list provided by the National Film Preservation Board shows all the movies that have been selected for special preservation measures because of their cultural or aesthetic impact.

The Great Movies: Roger Ebert's series about films that made an impact.  Covers a broad range of movies from the past to the present, mainstream and independent, from countries all over the world.

Filmsite: Useful for its accessibility and breadth, but occasionally glib or inaccurate about key points of film history.

Films of Interest

A rotating selection of some of the films owned by CSCC Library.

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