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ANTH 2201: World Prehistory
by Dana Knott - Last Updated May 12, 2014
This guide will introduce you to library resources and beyond on the topic of World Prehistory, including prehistoric archaeology and human origins.
Tags: ancient civilizations, archaeology, prehistory
ANTH 2235: Intro to Forensic Anthropology
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Mar 26, 2014
This guide contains resources, both print and online, on the subject of forensic anthropology.
Tags: anthropology, forensic anthropology, forensic science, forensics
Bigfoot Hunting
by Kristine Kinzer, Dana Knott, Bree Miller - Last Updated Aug 5, 2014
This guide is designed to help the fourth graders at Woodward Elementary learn about good research techniques.
Tags: bigfoot, crap test, cryptids, cryptozoology, mysterious creatures, research
BLUEprint Workshops
by Dana Knott, Bree Miller, Lorena Popelka, Derek Zoladz - Last Updated Oct 3, 2014
Current version of materials for BLUEprint Workshops.
Tags: library, research, workshops
Business Information Sources
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jun 4, 2014
This guide will direct you to resources for finding company, industry, and other business related information.
Tags: business, business management, business research, company, company profile, economics, finances, marketing, stocks, swot analysis
CLAS 1222
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jul 1, 2014
Library resources and beyond on classical Greek and Roman mythology as well as researching mythic themes in art and literature.
Tags: classical literature, classical mythology, classics, greek mythology, myths, roman mythology
ENGL 1100 (Duym): Reading Political Speech
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Mar 25, 2014
This guide will connect you with resources for your third writing project on political speech (advertising, news, debates, and speeches).
Tags: advertisements, advertising, political ads, political advertising, political speeches, politics, speeches
ENGL 2220: Introduction to Shakespeare
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jul 16, 2014
Library resources and beyond on William Shakespeare and his works.
Tags: drama, elizabethan england, renaissance, shakespeare, shakespearean plays, william shakespeare
ENGL 2240: Introduction to Science Fiction
by Dana Knott - Last Updated May 30, 2014
This guide will lead you to resources, databases, journals, and more that cover the topic of Science Fiction.
Tags: criticism, english, literature, science fiction
ENGL 2266: Writing Poetry
by Dana Knott - Last Updated May 12, 2014
Resources on poetry, craft, and publishing for students enrolled in ENGL 2266.
Tags: craft, creative writing, performance poetry, poetic forms, poetics, poetry, poetry magazines, poets, publishing, slam poetry
ENGL 2281: African American Literature
by Dana Knott - Last Updated May 12, 2014
This guide will highlight resources to help you conduct research on African-American authors and their works.
Tags: african-american authors, african-american literature, authors, hbcus, literary research, literature
ENGL 2667: The American Working Class Identity
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jun 30, 2014
This guide contains resources on the theme of working class identity related to literature, history, and popular culture.
Tags: american literature, criticism, english, labor movement, labor unions, literary research, literature, social issues, working class
Faculty Services
by Dana Knott, Derek Zoladz - Last Updated Aug 21, 2014
Introduction to library services for faculty.
Tags: faculty, faculty services, library
Gender Research
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jul 16, 2014
This guide points out useful resources for research on gender and related topics, such as sexuality, gender roles, feminism, and cultural influences.
Tags: gender, gender identity, gender roles, sexuality
Legal Research and Writing Resources
by Dana Knott - Last Updated May 12, 2014
Recommended resources for students conducting legal research.
Tags: court cases, federal code, law, legal, paralegal, state code, statutes, united states courts
LGBT Studies
by Kristine Kinzer, Dana Knott - Last Updated Oct 28, 2014
This guide provides useful resources for research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues, and for members and friends of the LGBT community.
Tags: gay, lesbian, lgbt, queer, transgender
Literary Research
by Dana Knott - Last Updated Jul 16, 2014
This guide contains useful information on literary research and finding biographical information on authors.
Tags: author, criticism, drama, fiction, literary research, literature, poet, poetry
Post-Apocalyptic Literature
by Kristine Kinzer, Dana Knott - Last Updated Jun 10, 2014
This guide explores the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres in literature and provides several resources and examples in current pop culture.
Tags: apocalyptic, dystopian, english, fiction, genre, hot topics
World Book Night
by Kristine Kinzer, Dana Knott - Last Updated Oct 27, 2014
This guide informs about the annual April event "World Book Night."
Tags: authors, fiction, literature, reading, world book night