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AARC Times v.36(2012)- 54 A
ABA Journal v.100(2014)- 49 A
Access v.28(2014)- 22 A
Accounting Today v.28(2014)- 10 A
Advertising Age v.87(2016)- 40 A
Advertising Age (MICROFILM) v.36(1965)- 40 A
Advocate 1082(2016)- 31 A
AIDS Patient Care and STDs v.27(2013)-v.27(2013) 48 A
Alcohol Research: Current Reviews v.35(2013)- 48 A
America v.214(2016)- 21 A
America (MICROFILM) v.112(1965) - v.191(2004) 21 A
American Annals of the Deaf v.158(2014)- 37 A
American Anthropologist v.116(2014)- 55 A
American Art Review v.26(2014)- 35 A
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics v.6(2014)- 55 A
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy v.6(2014)- 55 A
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics v.6(2014)- 55 A
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics v.6(2014)- 55 A
American Economic Review v.104(2014)- 55 A
American Forests v.120(2014)- 14 A
American Journal of Botany v.100(2013)-v.101(2014) 14 A
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition v.99(2014)- 33 A
American Journal of Nursing v.114(2014)-)- 48 A
American Journal of Nursing (MICROFILM) v.65(1965)-v.113(2013) 48 A
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology v.210(2014)-v.211(2014) 48 A
American Journal of Public Health v.104(2014)- 48 A
American Journal of Sociology v.119(2014)- 55 A
American Legion (Located at Delaware Veterans Lounge) v.184(2018)- 35 A
American Literature v.86(2014)- 28 A
American Photo v.23(2012)-v.26(2015) 23 A
American Scientist v.102(2014)- 14 A
American Sociological Review v.79(2014)- 55 A
AORN Journal v.99(2014)- 57 A
Archaeology v.67(2014)- 55 A
Architectural Digest v.68(2011)- 11 A
Architectural Record v.202(2014)- 11 A
Architectural Record (MICROFILM) v.137(1965)-v.201(2013) 11 A
Art Culinaire v.122(2017)- 33 A
Art Culinaire MAIN STACKS (641.514 A7842) 1986 - 33 A
Art In America v.102(2014)- 35 A
Astronomy v.43(2015)- 50 A
Atlantic Monthly v.317(2016)-- 21 A
Audubon v.116(2014)- 14 A
Automotive Engineering (Continues: Automotive Engineering International) v.1(2014)- 12 A
Automotive News Current 6 months 12 A
Autoweek v.65(2015)- 12 A
Aviation Week and Space Technology v.177(2016)- 13 A
Aviation Week and Space Technology (MICROFILM) v.82(1965)-v.161(2004) 13 A
Barron's Current 6 months 15 B
Beijing Review v.59(2016)- 31 B
Better Homes and Gardens v.94(2016)- 31 B
Better Homes and Gardens (MICROFILM) v.43(1965) - v.79(2001) 31 B
Bicycling v.57(2016)- 31 B
Bioscience v.64(2014)- 14 B
Black Enterprise v.43(2013)-v.45(2014) 15 B
Bon Appétit v.59(2014)- 33 B
Booklist v.112(2016)- 39 B
Brides v.82(2016)- 31 B
Builder v.38(2015)- 19 B
Building Design and Construction v.53(2012)- 19 B
Business First Current 6 months 15 B
Business First (MICROFILM) v.5(1988)-V.18(2002) 15 B
Business Week no.4457(2016)- 15 B
Business Week (MICROFILM) 1965-1996 15 B
Chest (MICROFILM) v.57(1970)-v.126(2004) 54 C
Childhood Education v.90(2014)- 24 C
Christianity Today v.60(2016)- 21 C
Chronicle of Higher Education Current 6 months 25 C
Chronicle of Higher Education (MICROFILM) v.11(1976)-v.45(1998) 25 C
CIO v.27(2014)-v.29(2015) 15 C
Civil Engineering v.84(2014)- 16 C
Clinical Advances in Periodontics v.8(2018)- 22 C
Clinical Laboratory Science v.27(2014)-v.27(2014) 43 C
College Composition and Communication v.65(2014)- 28 C
College English v.76(2014)- 28 C
Columbus CEO v.24(2015)- 15 C
Columbus Citizen-Journal (MICROFILM) 1980-1985 46 C
Columbus Dispatch Current 60 days 46 C
Columbus Dispatch (MICROFILM) 1980- 46 C
Columbus Monthly v.42(2016)- 31 C
Columbus Monthly (MICROFILM) v.14(1988)- 31 C
Commentary v.141(2016)- 21 C
Communication Arts v.53(2012)- 23 C
Community College Journal v.84(2014)- 25 C
Community College Week v.28(2016)-v.29(2017) 25 C
Computers, Informatics, Nursing (CIN) v.30(2012)- 48 C
Construction Digest v.89(2014)- 19 C
Construction Specifier v.65(2012)- 19 C
Constructor v.96(2014)- 19 C
Consumer Reports & Buying Guide v.81(2016)- 31 C
Cooking Light v.26(2011)- 33 C
Cornell Hospitality Quarterly v.55(2014)- 33 C
Corrections Today v.76(2014)- 20 C
Cosmopolitan v.260(2016)- 31 C
Counselor Education and Supervision v.53 (2014)-v.56(2017) 44 C
Creative Nonfiction no.44 (2012)- 28 C
Current Anthropology v.55 (2014)- 55 C
Current History v.111 (2012)- 35 C
Cycle World v.55 (2016)- 31 C
Design News v.69 (2014)- 26 D
Digital Photo Pro v.11 (2013)- 23 D
Digital Video Pro v.22(2014)-v.26(2018) 23 D
Discover v.35(2014)- 14 D
Ebony v.71(2016)- 31 E
Ecology v.95(2014)- 29 E
Economist v.414(2015)- 55 E
Edge issue 263(2014)- 36 E
Education Digest v.79(2014)- 25 E
Education Week v.35(2016)- 25 E
Emergency Medicine v.44(2012)- 27 E
Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America v.30(2012)-v.31(2013) 27 E
EMS World (Continues: EMS Magazine) v.43(2014)- 27 E
ENR v.277(2016)- 19 E
Entertainment Weekly no.1411/1412(2014)- 31 E
Environmental Nutrition v.37(2014)- 33 E
ESPN v.19(2016)- 31 E
Esquire v.164(2016)- 31 E
Esquire (MICROFICHE) v.103(1985)-v.136(2001) 31 E
Essence v.46(2016)- 31 E
Exchange v.36(2014)- 24 E
Executive Housekeeping Today v.34(2012)-v.36(2014) 33 E
Exercise and Sport Sciences Review v.40(2012)- 56 E
Facts & Findings v.38(2012)- 49 F
Families in Society v.93(2012)- 24 F
Field and Stream v.120(2016)- 31 F
Fine Gardening no.155(2014)- 38 F
Fine Homebuilding no.240(2014)- 19 F
Flying v.140(2013)- 13 F
Food and Wine v.35(2012)- 33 F
Food Arts v.25(2012)-v.27(2014) 33 F
Food Technology v.67(2013)- 33 F
Forbes v.195(2015)- 15 F
Forbes (MICROFILM) v.105(1970)-v.174(2004) 15 F
Garden Design v.176(2012)-v.186(2013) 38 G
Geriatric Nursing v.35(2014)- 48 G
Golf Digest v.66(2015)- 56 G
Good Housekeeping (MICROFILM) v.180-181(1975) - v.232-233(2001) 31 G
GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly v.86(2016)- 31 G
GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly (MICROFICHE) v.68(1998)-v.74(2004) 31 G
GreenSource v.5(2010)-v.8(2013) 19 G
Harper's v.332(2016)- 31 H
Harper's (MICROFILM) v.244(1972)- v.309(2004) 31 H
Harvard Business Review v.94(2016)- 15 H
Harvard Health Letter v.41(2016)- 21 H
History Today v.64(2014)- 35 H
Home Healthcare Now (Continues Home Healthcare Nurse) v.34(2016)- 48 H
Home Healthcare Nurse (Continued by Home Healthcare Now) v.30(2012)-v.32(2014) 48 H
Horticulture v.111(2014)- 38 H
Hospitals and Health Networks v.88(2014)- 48 H
HR Magazine v.59(2014)- 34 H
Humanist v.76(2016)- 21 H
i Advance Senior Care (Shelved under & continues as Long-Term Living) v.66(2017) 48 I
IEEE Spectrum v.51(2014)- 26 I
Inc. v.37(2016)- 15 I
InStyle v.23(2016)- 31 I
JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association v.315(2016)- 48 J
JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association (MICROFILM) v.259(1988)-v.307(2013) 48 J
JEMS v.39(2014)-v.43(2018) 27 J
Journal of Accountancy v.219(2015)- 10 J
Journal of Addictive Diseases v.33(2014)- 44 J
Journal of American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) v.84(2013) - 32 J
Journal of Chemical Education v.91(2014)-v.93(2016) 50 J
Journal of Counseling and Development v.92(2014)-v.96(2018) 44 J
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology v.104(2014)- 20 J
Journal of Dental Education v.78(2014)- 22 J
Journal of Economic Literature v.22(2014)- 55 J
Journal of Economic Perspectives v.28(2014)- 55 J
Journal of Engineering Technology v.29(2012)- 26 J
Journal of Gerontological Nursing v.40(2014)- 48 J
Journal of Nuclear Medicine v.55(2014)- 52 J
Journal of Periodontology v.85(2014)- 22 J
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD) v.85(2014)- 56 J
Journal of Professional Nursing v.30(2014)- 48 J
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services v.52(2014)- 48 J
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services (MICROFICHE) v.34(1996)-v.48(2010) 48 J
Journal of Public Health Dentistry v.74(2014)- 22 J
Journal of Research in Childhood Education v.28(2014)- 24 J
Journal of Short Film MAIN STACKS (DVD 791.436 J864) v.10(2008)- 17 J
Journal of Sport Management v.28(2014)- 56 J
Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Continues: Journal of the American Dietetic Association) v.114(2014)- 33 J
Journal of the American Dental Association v.145(2014)- 22 J
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association v.244(2014)- 58 J
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (MICROFILM) v.166(1975)- 58 J
Journal of Wildlife Diseases v.50(2014)- 58 J
Kiplinger's Personal Finance v.70(2016)- 30 K
Laboratory Medicine v.45(2014)- 43 L
Ladies' Home Journal (MICROFILM) v.82(1965) - v.118(2001) 31 L
Landscape Architecture v.104(2014)- 38 L
Law and Order v.62(2014)-v.64(2016) 20 L
Library Journal v.141(2016)- 39 L
Lodging v.37(2012)- 33 L
Long-Term Living (Continued by i Advance Senior Care) v.63(2014)-v.65(2017) 48 L
Make v.43(2015)- 39 M
Manufacturing Engineering v.152(2014)- 42 M
Massage no.212(2014)- 41 M
Massage & Bodywork v.29(2014)- 41 M
Massage Therapy Journal v.51(2012)- 41 M
MCN v.37(2012)- 48 M
Mechanical Engineering v.136(2014)- 42 M
Men's Fitness v.32(2016)-v.33(2017) 31 M
Men's Health v.31(2016)- 31 M
Men's Journal v.25(2016)- 31 M
Military History (Located at Delaware Veterans Lounge) v34(2018)- 35 M
MIT Technology Review v.117(2014)- 26 M
Modern Fiction Studies v.60(2014)- 28 M
Money v.44(2015)- 30 M
Mother Jones v.41(2016)- 21 M
Motor v.225(2016)- 12 M
Motor Trend v.68(2016)- 12 M
Motor Trend (MICROFILM) v.27(1975)-v.56(2004) 12 M
Ms. v.26(2016)- 31 M
NADmag v.11(2012)- 37 N
Nation v.302(2016)- 21 N
National Catholic Reporter Current 6 months 21 N
National Culinary Review v.36(2012)- 33 N
National Geographic v.229(2016)- 31 N
National Geographic (MICROFILM) v.157(1979)-v.218(2010) 31 N
National Law Journal Current 6 months 49 N
National Paralegal Reporter v.36(2012)- 49 N
National Review v.68(2016)- 21 N
National Wildlife v.54(2016)- 21 N
Nation's Restaurant News v.50(2016)- 33 N
Nature (MICROFICHE) v.379-384(1996)-v.463-465(2010) 14 N
New England Journal of Medicine v.375(2016)- 48 N
New England Journal of Medicine (MICROFILM) v.302(1980)-v.368(2013) 48 N
New Republic v.247(2016)- 21 N
New Republic (MICROFILM) v.152(1965)-v.200(1989) 21 N
New Scientist v.228(2016)- 14 N
New Statesman v.145(2016)- 21 N
New York Review of Books v.63(2016)- 39 N
New York Times (MICROFILM) v.127(1978)-v.159(2009) 46 N
New Yorker v.91(2016)- 28 N
New Yorker (MICROFILM) v.41(1965)- 28 N
Newsweek (MICROFILM) v.65(1965)-(2015) 21 N
Nursing v.45(2015)- 48 N
Nursing (MICROFILM) v.1(1971)-v.43(2013) 48 N
Nursing Management v.45(2014)- 48 N
Nursing Research v.63(2014)- 48 N
Nursing Research (MICROFILM) v.14(1965)-v.61(2013) 48 N
Nursing Times: NT (MICROFILM) v.61(1965)-v.108(2013) 48 N
Nursing Times: NT v.110(2014)-v.112(2016) 48 N
Nutrition & Foodservice Edge (Continues: Dietary Manager) v.21(2012)- 33 N
Nutrition Today v.47(2012)- 33 N
O (The Oprah Magazine) v.17(2016)- 31 O
Official Xbox Magazine issue 160(2014)- 36 O
Ohio v.38(2016)- 31 O
Organic Gardening (Continued by Rodale's Organic Life) v.61(2014)-v.62(2015) 38 O
Out v.24(2016)- 31 O
Outdoor Photographer v.30(2014)- 23 O
Paralegal Today (Continues: Legal Assistant Today) v.29(2012)-v.34(2017) 49 P
Parents v.91(2016)- 31 P
Parents (MICROFILM) v.50(1975)-v.79(2004) 31 P
Paris Match no.3476(2016)- 45 P
Pediatric Nursing v.40(2014)- 48 P
People Weekly Current 6 months 21 P
Physics Today v.65(2012)- 50 P
Playboy (MICROFILM) v.43(1996)-v.56(2009) 31 P
Police Chief v.81(2014)- 20 P
Popular Mechanics v.193(2016)- 42 P
Popular Mechanics (MICROFILM) v.123(1965)-v.181(2004) 42 P
Popular Photography v.78(2014)-v.81(2017) 23 P
Popular Science v.288(2016)- 31 P
Print v.68(2014)-v.71(2018) 23 P
Progressive v.79(2016)- 21 P
Psychology Today v.49(2016)- 31 P
Psychology Today (MICROFILM) v.2(1968)-v.37(2004) 31 P
Publisher's Weekly v.263(2016)- 39 P
Quality Progress v.45(2012)- 51 Q
Rachael Ray Every Day (Continues Every Day with Rachael Ray) v.11(2016)- 31 R
Radiologic Technology v.85(2014)- 52 R
RDH v.34(2014)- 22 R
Reader's Digest (MICROFILM) v.86-87(1965)- v.176-177(2010) 31 R
Reader's Digest Selecciones n.770(2005)-n.823(2009). 45 R
Real Estate Review v.43(2014)- 53 R
Real Simple v.17(2016)- 31 R
Realtor Magazine v.47(2014)- 53 R
Reason v.47(2016)- 31 R
Research in African Literatures v.45(2014)- 35 R
Research in the Teaching of English v.48(2014)- 28 R
Respiratory Care v.57(2012)- 54 R
Respiratory Care (MICROFILM) v.19(1974)-v.58(2013) 54 R
Restaurant Hospitality v.98(2014)- 33 R
Restaurants & Institutions (MICROFICHE) v.106(1996)-v.120(2010) 33 R
RN (MICROFILM) v.28(1965)-v.72(2009) 48 R
Road and Track v.65(2014)- 12 R
Rodale's Organic Life (Continues Organic Gardening OG) v.1(2015)-v.3(2017) 38 R
Rolling Stone no.1252(2016)- 31 R
Rolling Stone (MICROFILM) no.569(1990)-no.976(2005) 31 R
Runner's World v.49(2014)- 56 R
Schizophrenia Bulletin v.40(2014)-v.40(2014) 44 S
School Nutrition (Continues: School Food Service and Nutrition) v.65(2011)- 33 S
Science v.351(2016)- 14 S
Science (MICROFILM) v.147(1965)- 14 S
Science Fiction Studies v.41(2014)- 28 S
Science News v.185(2014)- 14 S
Scientific American v.310(2014)- 14 S
Scientific American (MICROFILM) v.212-213(1965)-v.283(2004) 14 S
Scientist v.28(2014)- 14 S
Seminars in Nuclear Medicine v.44(2014)- 52 S
Shakespeare Quarterly v.65(2014)- 28 S
Shutterbug v.41(2012)-v.47(2018) 23 S
Sign Language Studies v.14(2014)- 37 S
Sky and Telescope v.122(2012)- 50 S
Smithsonian v.46(2016)- 31 S
Snap v.6(2014)-v.7(2015) 19 S
Social Problems v.61(2014)- 55 S
Social Work v.59(2014)- 44 S
Sound and Vision v.81(2016)- 31 S
Special Events v.33(2014)- 33 S
Sports Illustrated v.124(2016)- 31 S
Sports Illustrated (MICROFILM) v.22(1965)-v.101(2004) 31 S
Strength and Conditioning Journal v.36(2014)- 56 S
Surgical Technologist v.44(2012)- 57 S
T & D v.68(2014) 15 T
Teaching English in the Two-Year College v.41(2014)- 28 T
Time v.186(2016)- 21 T
Time (MICROFILM) v.75(1960)- 21 T
Times Educational Supplement Current 6 months 25 T
Today's Dietitian v.16(2014)- 33 T
Training v.51(2014)- 15 T
Travel Weekly v.75(2016)- 33 T
Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter v.31(2014)- 33 T
U.S. News and World Report (MICROFILM) v.58(1965)-v.108(1990) 21 U
UTNE Reader no.190(2016)- 21 U
Vegetarian Times no.40(2014)- 33 V
Veterinary Economics Continued by Vetted v.52(2011)-v.56(2015) 58 V
Veterinary Medicine Continued by Vetted v.108(2013)-v.110(2015) 58 V
Vetted v.111(2016)- 58 V
Videomaker v.28(2014)- 36 V
Views v.29(2012)-v.30(2013) 37 V
Vogue v.206(2016)- 31 V
Vogue (MICROFILM) v.146(1965)-v.205(2013) 31 V
Wall Street Journal (MICROFILM) (1970)-(2009) 46 W
Wired v.24(2016)- 18 W
Workforce (continues Workforce Management) v.92(2013)- 34 W
Working Mother v.39(2016)- 31 W
WWD: Women's Wear Daily Current 6 months 40 W
YC Young Children v.69(2014)- 24 Y

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