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    Where do I check out materials? Do I need a library card?

  Materials are checked out at the circulation desk on level 1 of the library in Columbus Hall (CO). You will need your Cougar ID or other valid form of photo identification, such as a driver's license, state-issued ID, or passport. You must be a currently registered student or current employee of CSCC.

    Where do I get a Cougar ID? How much does it cost?

  New students may obtain a Cougar ID from Public Safety in Delaware Hall 047. Replacement IDs may be purchased for $4.00 at the Cashier's Office in Rhodes Hall after showing proof of payment for outstanding account balances. A receipt of purchase must be presented to Public Safety in order to acquire the replacement ID.

    How do I use reserve materials?

  Reserve materials may be checked out for two hours, but these items must be used within the library. The library has equipment to allow the use of audiovisual materials within the building. Reserve items not returned on time are subject to a $1.00 per hour late fine. Any reserve items not returned the same day they were checked out are subject to a $50.00 fine.

    How long may I keep checked out materials? Can I renew them?

  These are the standard loan periods for materials borrowed from the Columbus State Library, OhioLINK and SearchOhio. Faculty and staff often enjoy extended loan periods for Columbus State items. Loan periods for items with special status may differ, such as course reserves.
Books CSCC Library 3 weeks 2
Books OhioLINK 3 weeks 4
Books SearchOhio 3 weeks 3
    Audio-visual items       CSCC Library    1 week 1
  Audio-visual items  OhioLINK 1 week 3
Audio-visual items SearchOhio 1 week 3
Periodicals CSCC Library Do not circulate
Reserves CSCC Library   Limited - see Reserve Services 

    What are the overdue fines?

  CSCC Library Items not returned on time are subject to a fine of 50 cents per day, per item, to a maximum amount of $15 per item, except for OhioLINK and SearchOhio items. Faculty and staff are not charged for overdue CSCC items.

OhioLINK items that are returned 30 days beyond the due date will carry a maximum fine of $50. SearchOhio items returned late will be fined a maximum amount of $25 per item. Faculty and staff are usually not charged late fees for library items, but they are liable for late fees for OhioLINK and SearchOhio items. All borrowers are responsible for lost or damaged items. Items long overdue are presumed lost and the borrower will be billed for the replacement cost and a processing fee.

    How many items can be checked out at one time?

  Students, faculty and staff may check out a total of 50 items at one time from the library or OhioLINK.

    Where are materials located?

Main Stacks Level 3 Yes
Main Stacks Large     Level 3 - Interfiled with main stacks   Yes
New Materials Level 2 Yes
Periodicals Level 3 No
Reference Level 2 No
Reserves Level 1 Limited

    What if the library does not have the books I need?

  Columbus State Community College is a member of OhioLINK, a statewide consortium of 90 private and public universities and colleges in the state of Ohio. CSCC students, faculty, and staff may request items from these institutions from OhioLINK, which will deliver those items to CSCC.

Columbus State Community College has partnered with SearchOhio to provide access to materials from nineteen public libraries in the state of Ohio. Items can be searched and requested at the SearchOhio catalog.

Although the library does not have any formal loan arrangements with the area's public libraries, they are also a good source for many types of materials. See Other Area Libraries for quick access to their websites.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a special service that obtains materials not available through OhioLINK.

    Where can students return library items after the library is closed?

  If we are closed, you can use the book drop inside the main entrance to return library items.

    How do I renew /check on items?

  Using our My Library  functions, you can:
  • Check the status of your Library circulation record.
  • See how many items you have checked out and when they are due back.
  • Renew items (6 renewals or renewals until their expiration date).
  • Check the status of your OhioLINK requests:
    • Requested = waiting to be shipped
    • In Transit = shipped from lending library
    • Received = here at Columbus State Library and ready to be picked up at the Circulation Desk
Columbus Library

    How can I schedule a library instruction session?

  Upon request, librarians will instruct students, faculty, and staff in the use of both electronic and print resources, explain how the library is organized, and give general and specific information on the library's collections and services. In addition, customized instruction sessions designed to introduce classes to library research or specialized subject resources can be arranged. The goal of the library instruction program is to teach library users the skills necessary to locate, access, and effectively evaluate a wide range of information sources.

Library instruction classes can be arranged by calling: (614) 287-2460.

    How can I schedule a library tour?

  Library orientation tours are conducted to give library users more thorough knowledge of the physical arrangement of the library, its collections, and the general policies for library use. A tour of the library will provide library users with the knowledge of where information sources are located. In fact, library tours should not be confused with library instruction classes. The experience of a library tour will allow library users to feel comfortable with the library and staff, and is a first step to a continuing involvement with the library.

Library tours can be arranged by calling: (614) 287-2460.

   How can I request reference assistance?

  Reference Librarians are available to help library users in locating books, articles, and other materials, and in finding information on a particular subject. This includes providing instruction on the use of various printed and electronic resources including the World Wide Web.

If the material you are seeking is not available in the Columbus State Library, librarians can help you obtain the material from other libraries through OhioLINK or Interlibrary Loan. Please inquire at the reference desk for information on the coverage and use of available databases.

Any library user is invited to come visit or make an appointment with a reference librarian by calling: (614) 287-2460. Email questions to refdesk@cscc.edu.

Delaware Learning Center

    What library services are available at the Delaware Learning Center?

  • Request library books and pick them up here
  • Use selected course reserve books
  • Use core reference books
  • Use group study rooms
  • Borrow a calculator, headphones, or a laptop to use in Moeller Hall

    What are the Learning Center hours?

Monday - Friday 7 am - 11 pm
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm
Sunday Closed
During the Breaks
Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm

    What additional services are available?

  • Technology Support
  • Tutoring in writing, math, chemistry, and biology
Off-Campus Access

    Can I access library services from home?

  Yes! Some services, such as online journals or the library databases, will automatically prompt you to enter your last name and Cougar ID in order to authenticate.

    What is the Cougar ID? Where do I find it?

  All faculty, staff, and registered students are assigned a unique ID number, commonly referred to as the Cougar ID number, by Columbus State. The Cougar ID number also functions as a library account number. Students can verify their ID number by visiting this secure site and selecting the "Discover My Cougar ID" option.
Searching Tips

    How do I use wildcards?

  Using wildcards in a search allows the database to search for all possible words begin with or include the surrounding letters.

Words may be right-hand truncated using an asterisk ('*') in place of other characters. The '*' wildcard may also be embedded in a search string. You may use '?' to replace a single character anywhere within a word.

Example : environment*, polic*, wom?n

    What are Boolean operators? How do I use them?

  Boolean operators are used to connect keywords and phrases together in your search. Use "and" to require both terms. Use "or" to search for either term. Use "and not" to exclude terms.

Example : stocks and bonds
Example : (alaska or canada) and (adventure and not vacation)

    What is phrase searching?

  Search for complete phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. Words enclosed in double quotes will appear together in all results exactly as typed.

Example : "university science department"

    What are subject headings? How do I use them?

  Subject headings are used to classify what items are about, and can be used to increase the accuracy of your search. Use subject searching by changing the drop-down menu to "Subject," or clicking a subject heading within a catalog record. Finding the right subject headings can sometimes be a challenge. If you need assistance, ask a librarian at the Reference Desk on the Second Floor.

     Where are the print journals & newspapers in the library?


Journals and magazines are located on the 3rd floor of the Library in the Periodicals area. We have nearly 400 titles in print covering a variety of topics to assist you in your research. Journals may not be checked out of the Library, but there are photocopiers on all three floors for your use. Copies cost 5 cents per page. Older issues of journals and newspapers are on microform. We have a microform reader that can be used to read journal articles, or print hard copies from the microform.

Click for a Complete Listing of print and microform magazines, journals, and newspapers.

The Periodicals Department can also help you locate and obtain articles from magazines, journals and newspapers unavailable in the Library or online.

     How do I find a specific magazine/journal/newspaper?


All print and microform periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers) are located on the 3rd floor of the Library. They are in alphabetical order by title on the shelves. Feel free to browse our list of magazines and newspapers the library owns.

You can also search the library's online catalog, CSLINK, for a particular title. An eJournal Finder is available to determine which databases contain the full-text for particular periodicals.

     Where can I check out magazines/newspapers?

  Magazines, journals, and newspapers are for use in the library only and cannot be checked out. There are copy machines on all floors of the library for your use. Copies cost 5 cents per page.
  • The issue may not have been received yet (check the online catalog).
  • Someone may be looking at the issue you are searching for.
  • The issue may be waiting to be reshelved.
  • Despite security precautions, some issues get stolen.

     What if the magazine/newspaper issue is older than the ones on the shelf?

  The Library has back issues of many magazines, journals, and newspapers on microfilm or microfiche, located on the 3rd floor. A microform reader will allow you to make copies of articles from the microfilm or microfiche. Microform reader copies are 10 cents/page.

    What if I found a great article from my computer search and you do not carry the magazine/journal?

  Check our eJournal finder first to determine if the periodical is available full-text in a database. If it is not, librarians can check its availability for you at another OhioLINK institution or another Columbus- area library. Ask at the Periodicals desk or Reference desk for more information.

     With so much available online, what are the advantages to using print copies of periodicals?


If you haven’t yet decided on a research topic, browsing through print copies of journals in your field of study allows you to explore subject matter that might give you an idea for your essay.

In addition, learning the names of leading professionals in your field and keeping up-to-date on issues and developments in your field can be valuable information when interviewing for a job.

     What if the CSCC Library, OhioLINK, or SearchOhio doesn't have the item I need?

  According to RUSA (Reference and User Services Association), a division of the American Library Association, Interlibrary loan (ILL), is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library. At CSCC, you can talk to a librarian about ILL. For questions about a current ILL request, please call 614-287-2462.

     Who is eligible to request materials through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

  Our interlibrary loan service will be provided to current students, faculty and staff in good standing at Columbus State. Interlibrary loan will not be used if the item is available through OhioLINK. When it can be determined that the item is unavailable through any of the above mentioned institutions, an interlibrary loan request form will need to be completed.

     Who can I contact about the CSCC Library’s ILL services?

  • To determine if an item is available here at the library, through OhioLINK or via your local public library, please contact our Reference Librarians @ 614-287-2460 (Columbus Library), or 740-203-8183 (Delaware Learning Center).

  • To obtain an interlibrary loan request form, you can speak with any staff member at the Columbus Library reference, circulation or periodicals desks, or at the Learning Center desk at the Delaware campus; paper forms are available at each of these locations.

  • To inquire about the status of your ILL request, please contact Acquisitions & Metadata Services at 614-287-2462, or techlib@cscc.edu.

     How long will my ILL request take?

  Most ILL requests take an average of 7-10 days to process. However, fulfillment and delivery of your item is dependent upon the lending institution and can take as long as 4-8 weeks! You will be notified via email once your item has arrived at your pick up location, and you will have 7 days to pick up all materials.

     Where can I pick up my ILL request(s)?

  CSCC Library patrons eligible for ILL can request to pick up their item(s) at either the Columbus campus library circulation desk on the 1st floor, or at the information desk of the Delaware Learning Center. You will be notified via email once your item(s) has arrived at your pick up location, and you will have 7 days to pick them up. You must have an I.D. to pick up your materials.

     How many items can I request?

  CSCC students, faculty and staff will be able to request up to 5 items at a time. Due to U.S. copyright laws, requests for more than one article from the same journal issue, or from the same publication year, are prohibited.

     How much does ILL cost?

  Generally, there is no charge for ILL requests. Every attempt will be made to borrow from a lending institution which does not charge to loan material, but if a charge is levied, the Columbus State Library will waive the fee on your behalf for up to $25 during one academic year. However, all borrowers will be required to pay any charges incurred as a result of a late return or lost item. Remember that borrowing times will vary with each lending library.

    What is the loan period of an ILL item?

  Due dates are determined by the lending institution, and on average range from 3-5 weeks for books. Note that audiovisual materials tend to have a shorter circulation period, and copies of journal articles do not need to be returned.

    How many times can I renew an ILL item?

  Renewals are determined by the lending institution. Most lending libraries will approve a renewal request if there are no holds on the requested item.

    What are the loan policies?

  • Items can be picked up at the Circulation Desk within 3-5 working days.

  • Books may be borrowed for 42 days and renewed 6 times unless a hold has been placed.

  • Audio-visual materials and other special category items may be borrowed for 7 days with 3 renewals.

  • Contact the circulation desk or go online before the due date to request renewals (using My Account).

  • Items are subject to recall by lending institution.

  • Item will be ready for pickup at the Circulation Desk, usually within 3 - 5 working days, if available from lending library.

    What are the overdue charges?

  • Faculty, staff, students will be charged $.50 per day for any overdue OhioLINK materials.

  • Faculty, staff, students will be charged $2.00 per day for failure to promptly return an OhioLINK item that has been recalled.

  • Replacement, processing, and accumulated fines will be billed to you if you do not return an OhioLINK loan within 30 days after due date.

  • You will be charged a flat replacement fee of $125.00 for any OhioLINK item and any accumulated fines for lost items.

  • Replacement and processing fees will be canceled if the item is found before it is replaced, but the borrower will be responsible for paying overdue fines that have accrued.

  • Borrowers with outstanding lost book charges will be blocked from borrowing from all OhioLINK libraries, including their own library.

    What if my account is blocked?

     You will be blocked from OhioLINK borrowing if ...
  • The requested item is available here at the local library.

  • You have a fine or overdue item.

Unfilled requests occur when ...
  • The requested item is missing, recalled, or borrowed from the shelf moments after you placed your request.

  • Your library will be notified that the lending library cannot furnish the requested item.

  • You will be notified if a requested item cannot be filled.

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